Diamond Casino

Diamond Casino and Resort GTA

The GTA casino that also known as the diamond casino and resort, was built in game to allow players more gameplay options that mimic real life online casinos.

It is in the los santos city in the corner of Vinewood (east Vinewood).

The processes of creating a functioning, playable gaming casino took Rockstar about 6 years to fully complete, mostly due to the regulation problems regarding gambling in many countries, And other in-game projects.

On July 23, 2019 GTA players could enter the diamond online casino and enjoy several games online.

The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA casino heist
GTA diamond casino heist mission

The diamond casino heist is one of the coolest heists available to play in GTA, When you infiltrate it you have the option to use force/tactics in order to get access and rob the vault.

You can take several in game approaches to do the heist:

Silent and sneaky – more time to steel from the casino vault.

Disguises – infiltrate the casino dressed as workers to get access to the casino vault.

Force – use in game weapons to tackle the casino defenses and break into the casino vault.

By choosing the plan of action, you will have the options to do several preparation missions to get you more intel or tools for the heist.

Diamond Casino Store

The GTA store is located in the main lobby of the casino, you can earn cool items for your online character, and also several hundreds of decorations for the master penthouse.

In the GTA online store you can find plenty of different items, You can purchase them for casino chips.
The list of items contains hundreds of clothing and cosmetic items for your character:
wall piece paintings, tabletop decorations, floor pieces and double-sided pieces.

This means you can spend hundreds of hours playing online casino games and get items to enhance your GTA playing experience.

Casino Games Selection

Casino Lucky Wheel
Diamond Lucky Wheel online rewards

There are a total of 6 kinds of casino game activities that you can play in GTA online casino, each one is unique and can give you hours of playing fun.

Slots – Pull the leaver and spin the slot machine icons to get triples and rewards.

Roulette – Play an American style roulette casino game, place bets on colors and numbers to win.

Three card poker – Play against the dealer to see who can get the upper hand and win chips according to your luck and skills.

Blackjack – Play against the dealer this card game to see who can get as close to the number 21, And grab the money.

Virtual horse racing (inside track) – Bet on your favorite virtual horse and watch them race to win.

Wheel of fortune (lucky wheel) – A daily spin the wheel activity that can earn you several in-game rewards.


When Did the Diamond Casino Got Released?

The GTA Casino release date is July 23, 2019.

Where is Diamond Casino Located?

The casino is in the east side of Vinewood area, in the GTA online version of los santos.

How to Pay in Diamond Casino?

To play in the diamond casino and get store items, you will need to get casino chips, they are separate currency only available in the GTA online casino.

How to get Chips at Diamond Casino?

You can get chips from several options:
Purchase standard casino membership
Trading in game money for chips
Winning casino games or the lucky wheel
Completing several free mode missions

What are the Diamond Casino Heist Rewards?

There are 4 kinds of rewards you can get from the casino heist:
Cash (up to 2.1M)
Artwork (up to 2.3M)
Gold (up to 2.5M) Diamonds (up to 3.6M)